Watching Sports Has Evolved Over Time

If vendors like are any indication, then it seems that the way we enjoy sports largely revolves around the concept of convenience. Not everyone has the money to pony up for a stadium seat. Sometimes getting out to the game can be extremely inconvenient. Nowadays, sports has evolved to accommodate the viewer.

For example, vendors and sites like the one we mentioned now have sports packs featuring hundreds of channels on a multitude of different sports. Some even let you watch several different screens of sports coverage on one TV. It’s all in an effort to bring the coverage to the viewer in a fast and efficient manner that puts minimal strain on the viewer.


Because the viewer is the money. We may enjoy sports for the love of the game and the players who play, but in the grand scheme of things, sports is a highly commercialized medium. Lots of investors and backers pay top dollar to get their message out and they use sporting events as a forum for this. That’s why they make it easy on the viewer – so you’ll see their ads.

In many ways, watching sports has evolved to a point where it’s less about the sport and more about the marketing.


Many sports writers predict who they think is going to make it the Superbowl each year. Sometimes these predictions are correct and sometimes they are not. The Superbowl is held in January of each year and is one of the most popular sporting events of the year. Millions of people tune in to watch the Superbowl commercials. These commercials are often controversial in nature but presented well. Corporations who choose the run their commercials during the Superbowl spend over 1 million dollars for Continue Reading »


Expectations for our famous team U.S.A.

As the U.S.A. gears up for competition in the upcoming Men’s FIFA Basketball World Cup, fans of the sport are getting excited to see their favorite stars. Players like Kevin Durrant, Lebron James, Russel Westbrook, Kevin Love, James Harden, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant and more highlight a list of the potential candidates for playing time in the 2014 event that will take place in Madrid, Spain.

The expectations for the Americans will be high after the team won the Olympic Gold medal in the 2012 London Olympics and the 2010 FIBA Continue Reading »


Where can I get the soccer World Cup tickets for 2014

Held every four years, the World Cup Soccer/Football championships are always a large draw. This means getting tickets can be a little tricky unless you know where to find them and how to get ‘em.

The official source of World Cup tickets for the upcoming 2014 championships is through FIFA. FIFA is the official organization for international football and as such is the first source to go through for legitimate tickets to the event to be held in Rio be Janeiro Brazil. The official ticket sales have not yet Continue Reading »


Which current basketball player has the highest salary

We all know and love the NBA. We see the players making incredible plays on a daily basis, we see them giving back to their community and giving back to the kids. Some of us also wonder how much money they make. Some people are envious as to how much these players get played to play a game. On the outside looking in, it may seem outrageous for basketball players to make so much money, but even though all we see them do is play and have fun, Continue Reading »


Rebecca Soni trained hard for the Oypmpic games

Champion U.S. swimmer Rebecca Soni took the silver medal for the 100-meter breaststroke at the London Olympic games on July 30, 2012. A great victory, no doubt, but should she, or could she, have won the gold? The trouble started just before the race began. With the swimmers lined up for the starter’s command of “Take your mark,” suddenly an unusual and unauthorized “beeeeep” sounded. This apparent equipment malfunction caused a delay of five minutes while the swimmers Continue Reading »


The most famous all time basketball players ever

When we talk about the greatest basketball players of all-time, we often mention names like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlin. One name you don’t hear mentioned anymore is George Mikan.

George Mikan revolutionized the game of basketball. No one changed the game as much as he did. He was the first player to play “above the rim.” He not only dominated his era, he advanced the game to become what it is today. Much like Johnny Unitus used the forward pass to help form the passing league that is the NFL today; Continue Reading »


Michael Jordan and his popularity over the years

Often called the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan’s legacy has lasted well beyond his NBA career.

The beginning of Jordan’s legendary career began at the University of North Carolina, where a young Jordan led the Tar Heels to the 1982 NCAA Championship. Jordan’s first of many memorable moments happened in that 1982 championship game with Jordan hitting a 15-foot jumper that proved to be the game winner for UNC against Georgetown.

Jordan was the third overall pick Continue Reading »